How do contact fields get populated? Why are they different from CDO records?

My manager wants to understand how a contact field - for example, "Product Title" is getting populated.

I am confused because when I looked at the CDO records for a particular contact - the Product Code displayed for that contact is different from that listed in the contact view.

Could anyone help me understand why there is a difference?

Also, how does one go about understanding the source of information for a contact field?

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  • Piotr Sito
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    Hello @User_MPXPU

    Custom Objects serve as a data extension to the standard database entities that are found in Eloqua: Contacts and Accounts. CDO allows you to compile and use unique data that is relevant to a contact but is not necessarily a static information about the contact themselves. In other words, custom object fields are fully customizable and data stored in a CDO can be tied to a contact but doesn't have to.

    There are multiple ways in Eloqua to update either CDO or contact records, for example:

    • manual upload
    • form submissions
    • SFTP import
    • CRM integration

    In terms of understanding the source of information for a contact field you can for example view the upload history of contacts by users:

    1. In Eloqua, go to Settings > Platform Extensions : Integration
    2. Click Inbound
    3. Click Reporting, and then select Upload History > View Upload Details

    For each contact field you can also check whether there are dependencies by right-clicking the contact field and selecting Show Field Dependencies. This will tell you whether a particular contact field is for example used in a form/Auto Sync etc.

    Hope this helps.

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