Possible ways to export Campaign Approval history?

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I've recently been working with clients who have a requirement on collecting approval history for their internal audit purpose. Currently,  users can view the history of all campaign approvals on the homepage screen of Eloqua under the Approval tab but aren't able to find a report to export this history anywhere. I've looked into the Audit Log as well as different Analyses in Insight but couldn't find a solution. Does anyone have similar experiences and can share possible workarounds for this? Thank you.

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    Not sure if you resolved this. If data is presented to the user in a browser session then most of the time it means there is a API call fetching that under the cover.

    To report on the campaign approval, you simply need to find the API call and create the report you need.

    Here is an example report which we created to overcome the UI limits on Asset Dependencies

    this report uses the API endpoint: API/REST/2.0/assets/contact/field/$object_id/dependencies where $object_id is the asset you want the dependencies for.