Oracle Responsys 23A Release Info [Jan/Feb 2023]

Amanda Onate-Oracle
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Oracle Responsys 23A Release Highlights

  • App User Details REST API
  • Segment Performance Reporting for Mobile App Campaigns
  • Mobile App Analytics: Cohort and Funnel Analysis

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Questions about these release items? Post them below for the Responsys Product Team.

For more information on Responsys releases, visit the Oracle Responsys Release Center.

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  • Helen Lillard-Oracle
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    Where can we find more details about the Mobile App User Details REST API? I don't see anything in the API documentation yet for it. Does anything special need to be enabled?

    Would this new API allow us to take an app channel RIID_ (from a Push trigger failure notice) and query the app channel list to return the Profile RIID_ or User ID so the customer can identify the person on the primary profile list?


  • Pattie Lee
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    Were can I find details on the Segment Performance Reporting for Mobile App Campaigns? I was able to create a mobile app segment group, but I can't find where to connect it in the campaign.

    Thank you