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Allow customers to browse bug status, targeted release, etc.


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Today, Oracle customers cannot access URLs like these below (these are only provided as samples).
I would appreciate being allowed to browse to those pages so I can keep track of progress on bugs, and report internally to other people in my company.


Bug 30991024 [] - OAC CANNOT USE DEPENDENT PARAMETERS was fixed in 5.6.
Bug 31133060 [] - DATA SOURCE USING DATA GATEWAY: ORA-01861: LITERAL DOES NOT MATCH FORMAT STRING was just closed so it will no tbe in 5.7.


Marcelo Finkielsztein

Use Case and Business Need

Use case and business need:

The following is applicable to any bug, but, for instance, we found a vulnerability in the authentication to OAC, that could potentially provoke information breaches. 
My Security Officers indicated it is required that Oracle fixes their bug as soon as possible, and requested to be informed fo stauts, ETA,  and progress.

Currently, I cannot show anything to them.  I would appreciate being able to direct them to a URL at Oracle, acknowledging the bug and providing the requested info.

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please see above

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  • The bug system is an internal system in which development conduct internal discussions that might contain highly confidential information. As such, these will not be open, however, the status and progression of the bug should be reflected in the SR and the Support Engineer has access to get the latest status. It is true that WIP bugs do not change their status (i.e. 'Dev working'), but publishing the internal discussion between developers will not provide any ETA insights that Support cannot already provide - especially on Security bugs which are highly tracked. 

    As to this specific Idea, I will decline it, but if you are unable to get a proper or timely update from Support for critical issues, please contact me directly and we will try to understand and resolve the issue. Our service excellence team (which Support is part of now) is working hard to improve the customer experience for issue management and any specific use case that you might feel is not properly addressed today is appriciated.

    As a side note, within the bug system, developers and PMs can (and do) enter comments that are directly published into the SR. However, usually, the discussion within the bug is technical and revolves around analysis and code.

  • Hello Gabby,

    I do not expect to have access to any confidential information, not internal discussions.   
    Only expected to know status and ETA, by status i meant: is it declined? is it WIP?, is it tareted for delivery on version xxx?. 
    If that is not possible, I will need to ask the respective support engineer to keep me informed.

    I also appreciate deeply your offering to be contacted directly!.   Thank You.
    Marcelo Finkielsztein