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Missing Global Header Search Functionality in OAC (Oracle Classic Home Page)


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In OBIEE 11g, the global header contains a "Search" functionality, which is helpful to search through the web catalog. 

But in OAC (Classic Home Page), we are not able to see the "Search" functionality in the global header. 

We are figuring out how to show the Search functionality in the global header (on the top section) for the users in OAC ? 

Use Case and Business Need

Right now users are having to go to Catalog folder section and search for the report/dashboard. Having "Search" in the global header (on the top) can be useful for the users. 

More details

OAC - Version 5.7


OBIEE - Version


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  • I am confused.   I agree that functionality was removed from the global header, but AFAIK, this Search functionality is also provided when you click on Catalog and click on the magnifier icon.  IMHO this one is actually better than the one provided at the global header, it lets me pick only one subfolder where i want to search.
    (maybe i can see it because i am an admin, and normal users do not see it?,  I wonder)

    It is true that users need to click on "Catalog" to see the search icon.  one more click.  is that causing you issues?

    see attached image, please.

    Marcelo Finkielsztein


  • Thanks Marcelo. Yes, presently users are performing the search operation as you have shown here. But is there a way to restore the Search button back on the top i.e on the global header ?


  • Anyone get a conclusion to this?

    Do Oracle Product managers monitor the chats here? I'd love to hear the perspectives here on product direction verses undocumented changes in behavior between V12 and OAS...

  • User_MQQ89
    User_MQQ89 ✭✭✭

    I am not sure if they even look for user friendly changes. This is a No to thousands of the users using OAC/OAS right now, global header search functionality was practical and easy. We are also facing issues with limitation of the inside catalog searc option which Oracle support is also not able to solve yet.

    😏after giving many yrs to this tool, It is time to move on

  • Hi! @User_MQQ89, I understand you're frustrated and have pinged PM leaders @Gabby Rubin-Oracle and @Alan Lee - Oracle-Oracle . I hope we can get you back to a better place!

    @Ciaran, yes we do monitor the community: our support team answers questions daily, and PM is tracking as well. Sorry if you haven't gotten a reply. Always feel free to tag me in discussions and I will follow up.

  • This specific UI gesture (the ability to do a catalog search from the header bar) was removed several years ago as part of the 'Single Header Bar' project introduced to OAC in Sep 2020 and the following OAS in March 2021. The change was documented in the release notes of these respective updates.

    The decision to remove it was part of the design change to reduce the size of the Chrome banners at the time. It was based on telemetry data regarding the number of times that users used specific capabilities and the fact that the capability is also available from the catalog view. While it is convenient to access every capability directly from the home page, in some cases, we need to make decisions based on the reduced space and prioritize which operations should stay and what will need to go. Unfortunately, for any change, even if it has a positive intention, there is an impact.

    In respect to @User_MQQ89 challnages with getting support for catalog search. Please send us a direct message with the specific SR.