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Option to create customize messages (screen loading)


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While loading of DV screen, messages are displayed. There should be an option to either switch off or customize these messages.



Use Case and Business Need

Use Case # 1: 

The objective of keeping these funny messages is to share some lighter moments however this sometimes goes against the product /tool especially presenting to Executives/Leaders when they have to wait for a longer time to render the dashboard. I've personally received feedback from many leaders to switch off these funny messages.

Use Case # 2:

 By providing custom message options, the companies can broadcast company-specific messages that can be very helpful (For Example, Last Data Refresh or descriptions about the dashboard)

Original Idea Number: 18d0e6583d

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Added the ability to change messages to a simple 'Loading' message. No plans for custom messages during loading although we do explore Admin message for the home page.


  • M_Kumaran
    M_Kumaran ✭✭✭✭

    I agree with the #2nd use case which help me to inform the consumer , how much old the data is of the data. But I think for that you could probably use tiles option.

  • The 'Funny Messages' will show only for authors, the customers will see the basic 'Loading' message. Currently, we will not offer custom messages, we are looking at other options for the use case Kumaran suggested.

  • Thanks, Gabby for your prompt response!

    I've reverified the messages and I still see those "Funny Messages" appearing with consumer roles. I am not able to upload the screenshots just because it is a client environment. Kindly verify from your end as well.

    Also, Can we consider adding an option to turn off these messages if customer does not want to see at all?