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Provide DV Project Menu Option (similar to Dashboard Dropdown Menu)


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Please provide a Menu Option for Projects (similar to the Dashboard Dropdown Menu Option) to publish Projects to end-users. Currently, users can access the DV Projects through the catalog or search on Home Page and none of them are user-friendly or sophisticated ways to access.

Use Case and Business Need

Use Case 1 - User Adoption of DV Platform:

Currently, there is no option for a dedicated and common way to publish DV projects on the DV Platform and hence business users have to access projects either through the catalog or through a search on Home Page. However, both of these options are not recommended to the business (especially executive-level users) since it is not a sophisticated way for business to access their dashboards. This may restrict users to adopt the new DV platform which is Oracle's recommended platform for analytics. 

Use Case 2 -  Ability to Group/Categorize DV Projects:

Generally, companies use the Analytics (OAC) platform for multiple Business/Functional Areas (i.e. Finance, HR, Supply Chain, etc.)  and the audience/groups are different for each of these functional areas. If there is an option to group/categorize DV Projects by Business or Functional Areas that can help users to great extent. For Example, There are 5 DV Projects for each Finance, HR, and Supply Chain, we can create 3 groups/categories and place these DV projects into their respective groups/categories.  This option is available in Dashboard Dropdown Menu in Classic.

Use Case 3 - Applying Security to the groups/categories:

Similar to the Dashboard Dropdown Menu, there should be a way to apply role-based security to these groups so only business users of their groups can view their respective DV Projects.



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This is delivered as part of the January 2024 update.