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A way to make the OAC HCM connector know that in OAC is same as mpurohit in HCM


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Zebra Technologies


Provide a way in OAC console to map OAC User ID to another user attribute like email address which can be used for connecting with Oracle SaaS applications like Oracle HCM when using the option "Use Active User's Credentials" when creating a connection.
Example: OAC session hold additional attribute like "Corporate_User_Id" or "Corporate_Email_Id" which can be used to be selected and passed to Oracle HCM as "Active User Credential". These additional attributes will be passed to OAC via the SSO authentication process.


Use Case and Business Need

OAC is set up to be externally facing to our customers. User id in OAC is user’s company email Address i.e.
Oracle HCM is internal application. User id is same as Company Network Id. SSO authenticates the user and returns email id. HCM is able to translate the email  to the user jdoe and determine authorization.
When using the connector for Oracle Applications for connecting to Oracle HCM by using the method prescribed in Doc ID 2607450.1, the connection does not work because the set up cannot correlate from OAC with jdoe in HCM.
In order to make this work, we have to associate two user accounts with employee John Doe in Oracle HCM, one with user id jdoe (which is our standard) and another with user id 

More details

The work around described will not be acceptable to our security team as we are creating two accounts for one employee.

This will lead to us to not exploit the full extent of the products functionality. Also from a business perspective we will have the following effects:

1) More manual process by business to extract data and visualize in OAC

2) Lesser adoption of OAC's great integration features with Oracle SaaS applications.

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