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Option to change / set the owner of a DV object (Project, Data Set, etc.) in the DV U


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We need to give the DV Users the option to change / set the owner of a DV object (Project, Data Set) in the DV UI.

Only the DV Users with Full Control on an object should have this possibility.

Right now this can only be done in the Analytics UI (were the regular DV User doesn't have access).

Use Case and Business Need

Every time an user leaves the organization its DV objects remain "ownerless".

The other users with Full Control permissions don't have the option to take the ownership.

In our org we use the list of Project Owners when sending broad impact communications.

For example, if a value used in hardcodings is changed we create a list with the impacted projects and their owners.

If the projects don't have an owner set we can't announce the actual owner that his/her project will be impacted.   

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