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Pass in Parameters to Use as Filters in DV URL



I would like the ability to pass in a filter value via a URL querystring (GET method - POST possibly as well) so that another application/website can construct a URL to dynamically filter a DV project directly or embedded DV content.

Use Case and Business Need

We need to create a URL and pass in report criteria to select filters dynamically based on linkage from other website/applications.  This functionality exists today in Answers (see example below).

We could also then link Answers to DV pages and pass report criteria in to customize visuals on a specific Canvas within a DV project.

This is somewhat tied to another posted idea that would also be needed so we can reference a specific Canvas within a DV Project using a URL similar to how Answers dashboards allow you to link directly to a particular dash page.  This way you are passing the filters required and the canvas you are linking the user to in order to show them the proper pre-filtered data.

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More details

Example of Answers URL that allows this functionality today:


We can dynamically change dates/customer identifiers programmatically within another application to show the proper resultset when a user links into to view that report.

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