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OAC Data Lineage Auto Generate Documentation

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Organization Name

Rogers Communications Canada Inc.


A Mechanism to generate Lineage for Catalog objects and RPD documentation combined to create a lineage from RPD all the way to report/dashboard.

Use Case and Business Need

Data lineage is one of the important document that needs to be maintained in order to effectively perform impact analysis when there are changes that require regression. In cases where we have to deprecate a column, it will be great if we have a document to quickly reference to see its respective usages.

More details

Currently, there is no straightforward method to create lineage between RPD and Catalog deployed in OAC. There have been issues encountered while trying to use Catalog manager in offline mode to read unarchived Catalog folders. Even if we are able to decipher the BAR file and get the catalog manager to open it, it's a very manual time-consuming task that could easily be automated on the oracle side.

Original Idea Number: c21a0592b0

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