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To upload encrypted or password protected excel file as a data set in Oracle D

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We have an excel file with tabular data. But the file is protected with a password.

When we try to add data set and select that file, we get an error saying - Invalid file type.

We did not find any such reference in Oracle DV Documentation as to whether password protected files can't be uploaded.

We expect when user uploads password protected file as a data set in DV, user should be asked to enter a password and thereafter user can upload the file.   



Use Case and Business Need

Most of the end users in our project are having their files password protected and when they try to upload them in DV, they are unable to do so.

They are neither getting a meaningful error message upon uploading in DV.

More details

We had raised an SR with Oracle Support - SR 3-25162107241 : Unable to upload password protected excel file as a data set in DV

Oracle support has confirmed that there is no functionality in the present release of OAC and asked us to raise it in Idea portal.


Original Idea Number: baa4f3f6e4

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This feature is being considered for a future release.