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OAC Password Protected Export (Excel, PDF, etc)


Organization Name

Rogers Communications Canada Inc.


Ability to Protect exported files with Passwords will be a great security feature to add to OAC. Currently, files with sensitive data have the mandate to be password protected. Especially if the files have information about PII, Customer, or Financial information. While we can maintain security at the UI layer, once the file gets exported, we will not be able to control it. Password protection will add 1 additional layer of security against data at rest for exported data.

Use Case and Business Need

In OAC My Profile, a user should be able to set up an Encryption/Decryption key for all exports or at the report Advanced Tab, setup Password protection at the Object level for exports (Prefered). When reports are exported, it should be encrypted with that password.

More details

Packages like Apache POI makes it feasible to implement.

Original Idea Number: 0497996973

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