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Personalized Data Permissions (PDP)

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Problem: Currently users can be added to data sets, projects, and other resources from a high level but restricting access on a more granular level is difficult, very manual, and not scaleable to large organizations. It creates clutter, allowing users to see more than what they need. This is beyond what group or role access can provide.

Solution: We would love to see OAC embrace Entitlement Policies. This allows the filtering of a dataset down to the user for a custom experience at each user's level. This eliminates clutter and provides a scalable option for Data Permissions. In other words, the same Dataset can be sliced into three different displays for three different users. This ensures each user only sees their own data.

Use Case and Business Need

This would allow an enterprise to deploy OAC environment across a large number of users and ensure proper data privacy practices can stay in place. Logical examples include sales managers viewing their territory. Marketing analysts working on their LOB's data. Finance team working on only the data given to them. 


VP Manager Analyst
David Wallace Michael Scott Dwight Schrute
David Wallace Michael Scott Erin Hannon
David Wallace Jim Halpert  Pam Beesly
David Wallace Jim Halpert  Creed Bratton

In this scenario you could set three PDP policies for VP level, Manager level, and analyst level {email.value=yourself, direct reports} permissions to view and edit all data under yourself as well as direct reports and their hierarchy. 

1. VP Level: David Wallace would be able to see all data in this case as they all report to him

2. Manager Level: Michael Scott can ONLY see Dwight and Erin's data. And manager Jim can see ONLY Pam and Creed's data. But they CANNOT see data from the other manager.

3. Analyst Level: Dwight Schrute can only see Dwight Schrute's data and cannot see anything else as he has no direct reports.

More details

This is something Domo does very well and would be a great feature to have parity with

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Option for Future Release · Last Updated

This idea is now being considered for a future release. It may not be at the user grain initially, it may be based on Roles.