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Ability to Federate Directly with Active Directory (ADFS)


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You should have the ability to federate DIRECTORY through Microsoft Active Directory for ease-of-use. Currently, if you would like to use OAC, you can only do so through IDCS. ADFS is one of the largest Identity Providers in the world and would be convenient to be able to connect directly to to eliminate friction.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

My customer has tens of thousands of users in ADFS and does not duplicate this effort in OCI with IDCS in order to avoid multiplying exposure and management effort.

Why not use the OCI ADFS Bridge connector?

  1. So far the bridge connector in OCI has not been very user friendly. Tickets have been opened, error codes not explained in enough detail, and documentation is lacking for trouble shooting
  2. This duplicates exposure on two IDPs
  3. This is an extra step that could be eliminated to enhance user experience
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OAC delegates all authentication. SSO, and the groups part of authorization to IDCS. If you want to integrate directly with an IdM you should look at OAS.