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Option to create connection / data set directly on files saved in object storage


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Oracle Germany

Description (Required):

It should be possible to create a connection to an object storage bucket. Based on the content of this bucket (e.g. files in CSV, TXT, ... format) a data set can be created to query the data directly. This would eliminate the need to use ADB as a workaround.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Customers would like to access files stored in object storage (e.g. CSV, TXT) directly. Currently this is not possible - it needs Autonomous Database as a workaround. OAC does provide direct connections to Dropbox or Google Drive - but not to our own object storage.

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

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Delivered · Last Updated

The ability to create datasets from files stored in OCI Object Storage buckets has been delivered as part of the May 2024 Update.