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Oracle BI Baseline Validation Tool


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Oracle BI Baseline Validation Tool for OAS 5.9 is not working anymore.

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Oracle BI Baseline Validation Tool is an important tool for our organization and is used as part of our weekly migration process to PROD environment. Without this tool we lack the confidence to move metadata to our PROD environment since often times few reports break/get wrong data when re-adding new dimension columns etc. Also regression testing times increase multifold without the tool.

Enhancement Request / Service Request: 3-27791093891

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  • Hi AnilKallu,

    Did you find any solution to the BVT in OAS . IF yes , could you suggest what was the approach. We are in the phase of upgrading and this was a disappointing thing to find out that the BVT is no morein OAS.

    Looking forward to your response.