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Customer VCN summary post into Service Requests


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Customers who are in the process of integrating with their datasources now often deploy PAC/FastConnect/DRG within a VCN. As and when these customers experience blocker issues with their integrations, they raise Service Requests for OAC DEVOPS support. Currently, we typically send them a PAC questionnaire and they respond (if they wish to) with a clutch of OCI Console screenshots in a Word docx, because we of course have no visibility of their VCN setup otherwise (for good security reasons). This is of course clunky and does not present Oracle in the best light.

What I propose is that OCI Console presents the customer with the capacity to generate a PDF or HTML doc depicting their VCN setup (if they so wish), which they can then elect to upload to an SR upon request. This keeps things smooth and unflustered for the customer, and presents us in DEVOPS with a consistently generated view of the customer's VCN position.

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Covered above.

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