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Automate transfer/migration of file-based data set content (Excel/CSV) between OAS environments


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Czech National Bank

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We are fighting in ourExported BAR Files Don't Include Data Files OAS environments with quite strict restriction of BAR/snhot content (which does not pay for OAC) - Exported BAR Files Don't Include Data Files (see

This represents really quite big pain for us, since we need to "handle" transfer of file-based data set content (Excel/CSV files) manually (from DV UI - upload) in following scenario:

- transfer "content" from environments (DEV to PROD or vice versa) using BAR archive/snapshot

I have already created following Idea: OAS - inclusion of "File-based Data" into snapshot:, but without any attention from Oracle so far.

If it is not feasible to implement this within snapshot/BAR export functionality, would it be at least possible to think about making upload/download functionality available for file-based data sets in DV UI as part of planned API for DV ?

At least this would allow us to automate transfers of file-based data sets.

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Streamline/automate deployment processes within DV part of OAS

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