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OAC import bringing over connection even if it's not part of export


Our OAC NPE and OAC PROD both have the same connection names setup by the same owner and username. Even when I exclude the options – Connection and Data on the export of a workbook from NPE, OAC creates a clone of the NPE connection in production on each import. This is a problem because we have to go in and delete the additional connection every single time we import a new workbook.

The connection names are identical between the two environments. What's different are the connection strings - one points to our OCI NPE ADW and the other points to our OCI PROD ADW. Both connections use TLS Encryption Type.

Ideally, we’d like that OAC does not bring over NPE connections to PROD or at least warn the user that it’ll create a clone of the NPE connection and provide an option to not do so. However, there’s no such warning/option and once the import is successful, I need to delete the additional NPE connection.

 Speaking to the SR support person tied to SR 3-35013349171, they indicated that we need to submit an Enhancement Request.

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