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Saving RPD in online mode with Cloud


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This issue is about working against the Cloud repository from BI Admin tool using OAC.

When opening the BI Admin tool and connect it to the Cloud repository, what is the purpose by using the Save button since it has no purpose because changes are gone if the Admin tool falls down or is closed.

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Open the BI Admin tool and connect to the repository in the cloud, make a change and the Save button appears. If there are big changes you want to save changes, but if the Admin tool falls down or is closed all changes are lost.

Either it should save changes locally so it appears when reopening the BI Admin tool or remove the Save button.

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SR 3-29954495931 : Saving RPD in online mode with Cloud

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  • @Alf Eirik Nordmo RPD development and a high degree of changes are not recommended in the online mode. Online Mode requires to interact with the server image of RPD, sometimes causing crashes. Hence, suggested to perform offline and upload to the cloud.

    Light weight changes like connection details, renaming subject areas, Adding new Presentation tables to Subject areas etc .. can be performed and saved easily.

    However, saving the current state of RPD locally before the crash would be a nice feature to have.

  • Hi,

    As mentioned in the above comments, it is not recommendable to make heavy changes on online-mode.

    To save your changes, after saving the RPD, you have to Publish the RPD through Cloud menu option. Please refer below screenshot, have you tried that? Only after publish you can view your changes.

  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Alf Eirik Nordmo Modifying RPD in online mode has always been (since old times with on-premise predecessor - Siebel Analytics/OBIEE) considered as dangerous practice and strongly not recommended.

  • Well, I used online mode since OBIEE came to the marked and never had big problems with it :-) I can fall down yes, but that does not happen often. Especially if you close the Admin tool from time to time. It is just so much easier using online mode in development phase. In Cloud it is different since you have to login to Admin tool after each Publish to cloud.

  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree, it brings you simplicity (no need to deploy RPD on server, changes immediately propagated...), but it is redeemed with potential risks...

    We are looking with hope to new concept of Semantic Modeler (now launched in preview mode in July release of OAC, but since we are on-prem OAS customer, we will have to wait for it a little bit longer) , I hope, we will not be disappointed - especially in area of "paralel" work against metadata by group of "developers" (multi-user development) - we have quite big RPD divided into plenty of non-overlapping business models/subject areas, maintained by different developers and Semantic Modeler (integrated with Git) will hopefully bring improvements in this area.

  • Connecting to a Semantic Model in the cloud is not the same as online mode where you are working on the deployed model directly. It is a pull, edit, push mode.

    When opening a model in the cloud, the semantic model is pulled from the cloud and stored in temporary rpd file locally. From there on all the development is done in the local temporary rpd. This temporary file is currently available only during the current session. To push the changes to the cloud, you have to Publish the Mode as @Subhakara Netala-Oracle mentioned earlier.

    Save just saves the model to the temporary rpd file. To save the development work beyond the current session, suggest saving the rpd with "Save As" or "Copy As" option. Continue the developement work on the saved rpd and upload using the Upload Semantic Model option

    We will look into updating the doc and the feasibility of disabling the Save button in this mode.