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Scheduled Snapshot Creation Functionality

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Ability for Oracle Analytics Cloud to schedule the creation of snapshots,

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

The organization's DR procedure requires snapshots to be taken periodically and stored for DR in UI. Currently the process to create a snapshot and download is done manually. 

The request is to enhance the tool capability to schedule the snapshot creation process, This will eliminate the manual process, and provide seamless integration of the DR process.

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

similar request made earlier but UI feature is not available for scheduling snapshot creation

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  • @Alan Lee - Oracle-Oracle

    Hello Alan,

    Any idea when we will be able to schedule/automate an OAC snapshot?

    A few specs:

    • ability to schedule taking a snapshot
    • and/or ability to run a snapshot via a CLI command WITHOUT EXPOSING PASSWORDS IN PLAIN TEXT.
    • ability to achieve the above WITHOUT requiring programming skills or knwo. We expect this to be a task that any OAC administrator can do, without knowledge of JWT assertions, without programming an API, etc.

    Please note: After a frustrating experience trying to follow the provided documentation which is incomplete, I opened an SR asking help from Oracle to accomplish this by using JWT assertions, client API programmed in house, etc. I had to give up after months of trying without success. At some point, someone from a Developer team joined the zoom sessions and after a long session (or maybe more than one? dont remember) ended up declaring these programming skills must be aquired by the customer; and Oracle is not responsible for teaching them to the customer. Since I did not have the time to start investigating, I had to give up and we still are taking snapshots manually.



  • We do not have this feature planned at this time. We are collecting feedback/requirements and will update status as it changes.

    @Adam Bloom-Oracle

  • Agreed that this would be create functionality - I'm currently having one of my employees manually take snapshots each week.

    Feedback / Basic Requirement

    1) At a minimum - the ability to schedule snapshots, saving the snapshot locally within an instance (one of the 40 snapshots allowed).

    2) Incrementally, adding the ability to save the snapshot to OCI object storage bucket would be ideal.

    Agreed that this is possible today, if a customer has the skills and infastructure available to use API, command line interface, knowledge of crontab, etc. But just having this as 'out of the box' functionality to save local snapshots would be a big improvement.

  • Repeating ..

    Implement a snapshot automation that is not harder to achieve than scheduling an agent (iBot).

    Oracle flagged other attempts at this idea as "Delivered". Arguably, there seems to be a way to automate snapshots.

    From what I remember, there is at least two authentication methods available.

    a) exposes a password in plain text. Not acceptable for my current employer; not acceptable by my own personal standards either.

    b) I tried to follow their instructions and failed. I entered one (or more?) support ticket(s) asking for help to achieve this and again failed, even with Oracle Support collaboration.

    So, that is why I am insisting: PLEASE give as a way to automate scheduled backups without using an API, and without the need of programming skills nor installation of other 3rd party tools. Something that can be done via the current administrative UI, with the normal skills that an OAC Administrator has.

    To the User community: PLEASE, if you have achieved this task for your organization, would you PLEASE share a clear set of instructions on how to do it?


    Marcelo Finkielsztein

  • @Marcelo Finkielsztein - we are new to the OAC platform and just now looking at our DR and business continuity plans for the environment. Curious if you have received any updates on your comments?

    I came across this request in my search for automation of snapshots without requiring REST API methods. I am VERY surprised no automation is available without resorting to programming.

  • @OAldrich ,

    Hello. No. I have not received any updates; just what you can see on this webpage.

    I would love to see this prioritized. Please vote it up, like it, whatever helps drawing attention to this.

    BTW, I did try to achieve it using API but i did not get anywhere. if ANYONE is willing to provide help adn guidance on how to backup OAC without exposing passwords in clear text, i would appreciate that deeply.


  • @Marcelo Finkielsztein for the API/coding approach we can definitely help and we can update the documentation/blogs based on working with you on it.

  • @Bret Grinslade - Oracle Analytics-Oracle ,

    I will appreciate your help. What is the next step? should I open an SR for this?

  • @Bret Grinslade - Oracle Analytics-Oracle @Marcelo Finkielsztein Looking forward to the outcome of your work! Thanks for taking the initiative on this important functionality.