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difference b/w Oracle analytic cloud and Developer Client Tool for Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracl

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What are the differences and what purpose of these tools please advice? Oracle analytic cloud and Developer Client Tool for Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Data Gateway 105.4 and Analytics Desktop?


Hi All,

I would like to know about Developer Client Tool for Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Data Gateway 105.4 ? 

What can we achieve using these tools? I am looking to automate data via data sync tool. Synchronization (loading data from source tables to ADW Cloud) to ADW Oracle autonomous data warehouse.
I am working on Oracle analytic cloud desktop and cloud to build reports and dashboards.

Please advice.


- OAC_Client_105.4-161
- OAC Data Gateway 105.4 binaries for Windows
- jdk-8u231-windows-x64
- jce_policy-8


Thanks - Rehan



  • Hello Rehan,

    please find the below short description for all the above-mentioned tools:

    1: Developer Client Tool for Oracle Analytics Cloud provides capabilities to develop and maintain data models for use in the cloud. if you are familiar with on-premise OBIEE admin tool to develop the data model which is also called the RPD (repository file), its the same, once you are done with the data model(RPD) development, you will need to deploy this RPD to Oracle Analytics Cloud instance in order to use it as a source for your reports. 
    2: Remote Data Gateway - Data Gateway allows OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud) to connect to those data sources that are not directly accessible via a public IP, those are usually on-premise databases eg EBS Database, but they can also be cloud data sources that don’t expose a public eg database hosted in private subnet.
    3: Oracle Analytics Desktop: Oracle Analytics Desktop provides standalone data exploration and visualization in a per-user desktop download. Oracle Analytics Desktop is the tool for quick exploration of sample data from multiple sources or for analyses and investigation of your own local data sets.
    For more information on Analytics desktop please go through the below URL:

    Hope this helps!

    Let me know if you need more specifics on any of the above-described tools.

    Best Regards,
    Aman Jain


  • Hi Rehan,

    Aman provides a good description of the tools and what they accomplish.

    For your particular use case, you will want to use Data Sync connected to ADW to synchronize your data to the cloud for batch processing needs.  If you need a more real-time replication of on-premises data to ADW, then I would explore the use of Oracle's Golden Gate.  The great thing about utilizing ADW, is that you will not find it necessary to use Data Gateway, unless you are looking to connect to on-premises sources directly from Data Visualization or through the RPD.

    I would be happy to discuss with you further if you want to know more about the appropriate architecture setup for your use case(s) and how to take complete advantage of what OAC has to offer.



  • Thanks Aman for sharing valuable information. I am a learner and get back to you if get any assistance.

    Thanks - Rehan 


  • Thanks Brian for guidence, you get what Im thinking. I am trying and will get back to you if I need further assistance.

    Thanks - Rehan