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Different canvases for different datasets under one project

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Hi team,

            Can we create different visualizations for different datasets (data diagrams) under one project? The thing we are trying to achieve is that we are making subsets of dataset from one master dataset and using those subsets we want to create different visualizations. For eg. we are creating a dataset for employee_id =1 along with its attributes and a dataset for employee_id=2 and want canvases for each of the datasets under one single project. Is that possible inside Oracle Analytics Cloud?

Please suggest some alternatives if the above description is not possible.

Thanks and regards



  • Hi Ankan,

    That is totally possible. In OAC you can have visualizations from same or different dataset in same or different canvas. There is no limitation at all on that.

    You can even have datasets which are not related at all to each other (no commom column) and use them in the same or different canvas.

    If you find any issue trying this do not hesitate to share it with us but it should be totally straightaway.


    Juan Diego


  • Hi Juan, thanks for the response.

    Case 1: We are trying to have different SQL queries for each canvas for same dataset,  but it seems that there is only single SQL query that is common for all canvases, is it possible that we can have different SQL queries for different canvas under same project under same dataset? The SQL query we want to inject inside same dataset for different canvases emp_id, s_id and q_id will vary for different canvases SQL QUERY: Select ANSWER, count(*) value from CHATBOT_1 where emp_id = 1 and s_id =1
    and q_id = 1 group by ANSWER;

    Case:2: Firstly, I have created a subset of the dataset with emp_id=1 along with all the survey_id(column) and answers(column) fetching about 15 rows from the main dataset. And as per the 1st mini dataset, I am getting the respective pi-charts. Then I created another subset with emp_id=2 fetching about 16 rows with all its survey_id and answers, but this time as I am going to visualize the subset with emp_id=2, the visualization is saying "No Data Found". And these two mini datasets are occurring under the same roof(project). As we are getting visualization for emp-id=1 for the 1st subset, we are failing to get the visualization for 2nd subset. Here we are stuck. 

    Please suggest alternatives for the above two solutions.