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Navigate from Analysis to Analysis using Action Link with parameters?

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Navigate from Analysis to another Analysis using Action Link (Navigate to BI Content) with parameters?


Has anyone been able to use an Action Link with parameters to navigate between Analyses?

I have a dashboard that displays an Analysis in the form of a bar chart. There is an Action Link associated to each bar in the chart that links through "Navigate to BI Content" to another Analysis.  What I would like to do, but don't know how, is to pass the value (axis value) of the bar selected to the called Analysis so that it can be used as a filter.


Category, Sub-Category, Count
A, 1, 2
A, 2, 1
A, 3, 2
B, 1, 1
B, 2, 4
C, 1, 2
C, 2, 3
C, 3, 4

Bar chart shows the sum counts for categories A, B and C. So three bars one for each category. The user selects the bar for category A and then selects the Action Link button to navigate to the other Analysis. The linked to Analysis then uses the category ("A") as a filter to show another bar chart that displays the category separated by sub-categories 1, 2 and 3.