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Implement Admin View for DV Catalog, (as it exists for Classic Catalog)


in "Classic" OAC we administrators have two options when we browse the Catalog:

  1. User View
  2. Admin View

The Admin View let the administrators browse the personal, individual folders ("my folders") and copy, modify, delete, etc. objects created there by the original user. (I assume these actions are controlled also by the Admin own privileges as well)

This is useful for many use cases:

  1. when people leave the company,
  2. when they are on vacation and the company unexpectedly needs material that it is only stored in their personal folder,
  3. when users claim that a certain analysis is lost and the admins decide to go search through their personal object,
  4. when admins need to audit analyses created by users
  5. when admins are asked by users to help them improve an analysis
  6. etc.

Please implement this feature on the DV Catalog.


Marcelo Finkielsztein

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