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OBIEE 12c Sample Appliance v607 - Error on starting BI Services in Oracle VM VirtualBox

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I have installed the Oracle VM Virtual Box on my laptop and have imported the OBIEE 12c Sample Appliance V607 onto it (SampleAppv607p-appliance).

I have then started the appliance on the VM then selected Start -> Start DB & BI on the VM desktop, but whilst the database starts successfully, the BI Services fail. The relevant section of messages that are displayed in the terminal are shown below (involving the Node Manager).

I found something on the internet that said a person having exactly the same problem resolved it by "correcting the server time".

I'm not sure the steps they followed, or what to change the server time to (a specific time-zone or the time-zone of the host machine) but when I try to change the time on the VM desktop running the sample appliance it doesn't make any difference to the issue (the time displayed in the top right of the screen doesn't change despite the change of time zone and/or location).

Note that the VM time-zone is displayed as New York and my host laptop is in the UK on London time.

Any assistance or knowledge regarding this issue will be much appreciated.

The error:

Where the time is shown on the VM:

..but is also shown by selecting System -> Administration -> Date & Time, but changing the time zone there or by adding and setting a new Location in the right hand panel doesn't change the displayed time in the top right of the screen: