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Deloitte / Northwell


There are lot of improvements on OAC Home Page in 105.4 version, I've few more suggestions for Home Page to make it more consistent.

1. There should be single version of Home Page, currently there are two versions (one is OAC Home and other is Classic Home).  This creates confusion to the users who are new to OAC.

2. "Create" feature on OAC Home should have option to create "Dashboard" and "Analysis" too. Currently it can be done only through classic home.

3. The Logo/Theme changes (using "Manage Theme") is applicable only to Classic Home Screen, it is not applying to OAC Home screen. This does not give consistent feeling when switching between OAC and Classic (OBI) screens.

4. In "Catalog" option of new OAC Home, "Dashboard" folder is visible but existing dashboard objects are not showing-up under this folder.


Use Case and Business Need

We have a requirement to change the logo on OAC, when we changed logo using "Manage Theme" option. It only reflected to Classic Home and not on OAC Home. 

Original Idea Number: 233197ffcc

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