Per-Contact Send Time Optimization

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Motiva AI Per-Contact Send Time Optimization (STO) for Oracle Eloqua
Happy to announce we've released a new version of Motiva AI that automatically discovers the optimal send time for every contact in your contact db. Previously, we've covered Segment-level STO, which is still available when you're optimizing message variations and doing multivariate testing on the Eloqua canvas. This is a new custom action service and a drop-in replacement for any Eloqua Email step.

Using Motiva's Send Time AI is super easy.

  1. Swap in the Motiva Send Time AI action service for an existing Eloqua Email step on your canvas.
  2. Pick an email asset and any optional configuration settings.
  3. Save and activate.

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 09.28.21.png

Motiva AI will run the step for seven days. It works by combining historical activity and live machine learning exploration to learn when to send for each contact. The more you use it, the more Motiva AI learns, and the better response rate.

Also: when you use the Motiva Send Time AI step, you no longer need worry about timezones. The goal is to discover the optimal send time policy regardless of where a contact sits in the world. No more complex, TZ-specific campaign pathways to manage.

In early testing we're seeing clear benefit in every campaign we run. More info is here. You can install the Motiva app here.

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