Advanced Responsys Personalization Language (RPL) Training

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Advanced RPL Training is now available for internal OMC employees for free and is available to anyone with a Responsys learning subscription.

Responsys is a powerhouse of features enabling modern marketers to achieve enterprise marketing goals. While some features are intuitive and need no technical expertise, there are other features that can be better leveraged by tech-savvy individuals. Responsys Personalization Language (RPL) is one such feature that helps companies meets complex business requirements at scale. This feature works like a coding language, but is technically a templating language which enables developers to perform various scripting and programming requirements in their email, SMS or push campaigns.

The Oracle Responsys: Advanced RPL OnDemand course provides in-depth knowledge of the RPL so you can get acquainted with its syntax. Designed specifically for developer roles, the course provides details on how RPL is coded into campaign templates, the different techniques in which data is retrieved from Responsys data sources or APIs using RPL.  Learn how to create variables in your campaigns using RPL to tailor each campaign using an individuals unique data for maximum personalization whether for promotional or transactional messaging.

Additionally, the course includes demonstrations on how Responsys-specific proprietary methods, directives, and tags can be used in the Responsys Email Message Designer to facilitate advanced personalization and targeting for Responsys campaigns. Along the way, the course provides some best practices and recommendations related to using RPL and HTML coding in Responsys campaigns.

Note that if you are not a developer and won’t be performing coding tasks, the Oracle Responsys: Introduction to RPL for Marketers course may be more appropriate for you to get introduced to RPL

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The recommended order to take the modules is:

  1. Advanced RPL Basics
  2. Data and RPL
  3. RPL Directives
  4. RPL Variables
  5. RPL Methods
  6. RPL Debugging


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This Course is included with the Oracle Marketing Cloud Learning Subscriptions from Oracle University. Subscribers can view this Course anytime within their subscription. If you're not yet a subscriber, take a few moments to learn more about available Oracle Marketing Cloud Learning Subscriptions and other Oracle University training options, talk to your account manager, email our Sales team, or request access and more information.

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