How to: Link to Profiler from an Insight report

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You might want to share an Insight report with sales reps. Perhaps you have set up customized agents for your sales reps.

Have you considered adding a link from your report to Profiler?

This would allow your sales rep to follow a link from the report to Profiler and dig deeper into a contact of interest, arming them with up to date information before they reach out. Find out more about Profiler https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/eloqua-user/Help/Profiler/Profiler.htm

A few notes on the URL for these links:

Here’s how you add a link to Profiler from an Insight report.

Step 1: Create your report

This report is designed to show details of contacts that have visited tracked pages in the last 7 days. This timeframe works for me because my websites don’t have a lot of activity. If your pages do have a lot of activity, you might consider further refining this report for high value web pages only.

The report must include the email address or contact ID columns. These will be used as part of building our link to Profiler.

Step 2: Build out the link from a column in the report

Profiler allows you to view details for individual contacts. It allows you to pass in either the contact ID or the email address so that you open a specific contact in profiler.

In my example here, I’m going to use the contact ID.

So to add the link:

1. Click gear icon next contact ID column. Then click Column Properties.

2. Open the Interaction tab. From the Primary Interaction drop-down list, choose Action Links. And then click +.

3. Give the link a name and then choose the running man icon and then choose Navigate to a Web Page.

4. Enter the following URL https://login.eloqua.com/apps/salesTools/profiler?id= 

5. Click Define Parameters.

6. In the Value column, choose Column Value from the drop-down. Those choose the Eloqua Contact ID column. Also fix up the checkboxes per the image below. This will make sure that we’re not prompting the user to enter values and instead use what is in the column.

7. To have the link open in a new window, click the Options box, then choose that option.

8. Click OK until you’re back at Column Properties. Then choose this checkbox. This will just open the link when you click it form the report. Leaving it deselected will give the user a popup instead before proceeding to the link.

9. When you run the report, you now get an action link that will open Account Profiler in a new window.

Give it a try! I encourage you to play around with the settings so that you can make sure you have the right setup for your users. Find out about interactions here: https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/11119/biee/BIEUG/actions.htm#BABHFBHH

A few notes about Unknown Contacts

In this type of web page report, you will most certainly have Unknown visitors.

You could:

(a) filter out these contacts (Eloqua Contact ID is greater than 0 ) or

(b) create a conditional action link to maybe open another report that shows these contacts by some visitor details like Company from IP or Visitor Name. These details might provide your sales user with some other information that could be useful. 

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