Eloqua Profiler Tip: How to change the Lead Scoring Model displayed in the tool

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Profiler is one of the powerful Sales tools from Oracle Eloqua, as it provides actionable real-time insights regarding buyer’s behavior throughout the sales cycle. With this tool, you can see contact details, activities, and so on for a potential client.

Additionally, for each contact in Profiler, you can also view the corresponding lead score, which varies from A1 (most qualified lead) to D4 (least qualified). The score takes into account the criteria you have configured in Eloqua for that Lead scoring model. Oracle Eloqua uses two sets of criteria to evaluate a lead:

1. Based on profile data (such as industry and company revenue). Based on the profile criteria, the lead is given a profile score of A, B, C, or D.

2. Based on engagement information (such as form completion, visits to website, open rates). Based on the engagement criteria, the lead is given an engagement score of 1, 2, 3, or 4.

However, if you want to evaluate your Profiler contact from a different angle, you can change the lead scoring model displayed in Profiler.

Steps to label the contact with a different score

1. To adjust the model you view on Profiler, first, you need to ensure you have multiple lead scoring models created on your account - each one with a distinct approach to evaluating prospects or active customers. Your account administrator has the permission to manage which models are available to you.

Remember that after 22B Eloqua release, you have a specific number of lead scoring models allocated per Eloqua instance based on the product trim.

2. Open the Contact Profile you are interested in and click the lead score icon to the right side of the contact’s name.

3. Now you can see a list which displays the available lead scoring models.

4. Select a new lead scoring model from the list. This one is now applied to the record and the lead score icon is updated to reflect the change.

Don’t forget that when you change the lead scoring model for a contact, this model will become your default model so all subsequent profiles that you view will use the latest model you opted for.


Now that you can evaluate your prospects and customers from various angles, it’s important to keep your lead scoring models fresh and updated by taking into consideration recommendations from your marketing and sales experts.

Lead scoring is a powerful tool for you to decide which are the proper follow-up steps to approach your contacts for driving conversions and sales.

Have you implemented multiple lead scoring models for your organization?

If not, start a conversation today with your Oracle Eloqua experts and get the most benefit of the platform!

Check more information about Profiler and Lead Scoring on Eloqua Help Center.

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