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I have created several multi-step campaigns which sends an email on a sales persons behalf then waits several days between sending some follow-up emails. However I want to find a way to test if the contact has responded in the meantime to prevent sending the follow-up emails.

Our sales team are using Engage and tracking email replies to the contact so it should be as simple as doing a test 'If contact has some inbound email activity within the last 7 days', don't send a follow-up email. But this doesn't seem possible.

Does anyone have any experience?


  • Hi @User_44AQA,

    If the email has the tracking enabled it should be as simple as adding a "Clicked/Opened Email" interrogation as a check on the Canvas before sending the follow-up emails. You could also create a Shared Filter with the criteria "Clicked or Opened specific Email(s) within a specific timeframe". Eloqua is pretty flexible on this topic and there are several ways to achieve your goal. You just need to make sure that the Email tracking is enabled (in Email Settings and/or Manage Links.

    In order to quickly test if you have any email engagement you can create a Segment, place the Clicked OR Opened specific email(s) criteria and see what results you have. Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

    Constantin Gutic

    Marketing Automation Consultant


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    Hi Constantin, thanks for your answer. I was hoping there might be a way of using the engage data but it doesn't seem possible (doh). I think i will have to ask the sales team to exclude each of their contacts who replies as using the open / clicked criteria wouldn't enable me to determine if the sales rep was in conversation with the contact. They may have opened or clicked the email but not replied to it, therefore I could send a follow-up mail.

    It would be nice if when the engage app uploaded the tracked email from outlook, it updated the contact to say last contacted on this datetime.



  • Hi Tom,

    Indeed, leveraging signals like "Replied" from Engage is not really an option, at least not for now. What you may want to look into is to adding an additional step for the sales person to stamp a value into a Field (CDO or Contact Table) if the client interacted with them, for a specific communication. It may be a bit more complex setup, using an Eloqua Landing Page, a Form and a CDO/Contact Field, but it should help you, more easily, create a decision on the Canvas if you should let the follow-up emails be sent out or not, in a semi-automated way. As opposed to having the sales person remove the engaging contacts manually before each send.

    This is just an idea and there are definitely more ways around this, but it depends on your desired setup (and business requirements of course) and how complex you want it to be in the end.

    Kind regards,

    Constantin Gutic

    Marketing Automation Consultant