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Last Refreshed Date from Dataset Displayed Automatically in Workbook


Organization Name (Required - If you are an Oracle Partner, please provide the organization you are logging the idea on behalf of): Worthington Industries

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It would be nice for our users if there was a static place in a workbook that would display the data "freshness" or last update timestamp. Currently we have to manually calculate or pull in a field that takes up screen real estate. I would like our users to always know where to look to find out when the data was last updated and hope OAC can make this process more streamlined.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

A displayed datetime in a work book that is populated based on the last update datetime from the data source automatically. Our users need to understand when the data is last updated to understand the insights they receive. It would be nice if we could define within a dataset object what constitutes "fresh" or updated data and OAC would pull it right in for us, in the header or footer.

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