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Add the ability to see what the base table name and column name is behind a field on the screen


There are many times, when knowing what a value within the oracle application represents behind the scenes that would be very helpful. For example, a description on an inventory item, a ledger entry, etc. can display on the application screen but linking that value to an available pvo isn't so apparent.

Our idea is this, have an account level setting that can be enabled/disabled as needed, that when you hover over a field within the oracle application, you get the base table and column name that that field represents. Many large-scale applications have this kind of functionality such as EPIC, where it is available via a keystroke. With ERP being in cloud, that functionality is obviously going to need a different trigger mechanism, but it should be implementable.

Once we have that information, back tracking it to a pvo should be a simple matter by leveraging the lineage documentation.

The business justification for this implementation would be the time savings associated with the removal of guess work as to which PVO needs to be pulled and which do not.

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