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    Custom mass update - without programming


      Mass update functionality seems to be limited in Netsuite.

      Is it possible to create a custom mass update based on certain criteria - eg if field X <> field Y, update field Z to 'ABC'.

      Looking not to use SuiteScript or do anything complex RE programming.

      Are there any add-ons / third party products available that enhance this area?

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          Grant B



          What type of records are you trying to update? Am I correct to assume the fields you are trying to update are not available on the mass update screen? Are the fields you are trying to update non-mainline fields?


          If you can provide some additional information, there may be another path besides mass update such as csv import or workflow.



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            perhaps you can set the required criteria when you create the criteria on the saved search you use for the mass update. That way only records that meet the criteria will get updated

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              Hi Neo,


              There are no add-ons for Mass Updates, but it is very flexible.

              The Criteria of the Mass Update is where you specify (using a formula) field X <> field Y

              Then look at the 'Mass Update Fields' list to see what is available to be updated for the given record type.

              If you need the updated value to change dynamically, you would need to write a custom mass update script.

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                Ilija Budimir

                Hi Neo_Suite,


                At AlphaBOLD we developed an add-on that we are willing to let you test and use. It's called BOLD Quick Update.

                Below is the write-up:



                Frequently, there is a need to update or delete a large number of records based on certain criteria. Due to some limitations with regard to Mass Update functionality in NetSuite and its inability to update all NetSuite fields, there is a need for a more robust update tool with a greater record control. This tool would give NetSuite Administrators the power to modify records quickly without any scripting. Furthermore, NetSuite restricts a mass deletion of records except through inline edit functionality and then only certain record types are supported.



                With the installation of the bundle a link to the new interface ‘BOLD Quick Update’ will be added to the navigation menu. Click on the category in the navigation menu will show a modern interface where the Administrator will be able to select the action which they would like to execute.

                Note, the update tool allows the user to identify the records they would like to manipulate in two ways: 1) manually, through internal id’s; 2) by identifying a Saved Search created in the system.


                Pick an action in the left navigation menu:

                • Delete Records
                • Open and Save Transactions
                • Update Field Values Dynamically
                • Update Record Field
                • Update Record Line Field
                • View Logs


                You can contact me here: ibudimir@alphabold.com and I can provide you with more info.