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      I have the following things to ask :

      1- I've generated an access token and consumer key which is required for oauth1.0, and it is working on one machine but when I try to hit it from another machine it gives an "Invalid Login" error.

      2- I am getting 500 internal server error when I try to find availability of products on a specific location "8905 Highway 50" for the following API: https://4815179.suitetalk.api.netsuite.com/services/rest/record/v1/inventorynumber/402/locations/20

      3-I  defined products in the system for almost all locations and set the preferred location against each product but when I hit the API to check availability of product on the preferred location. It is not giving the correct response. e.g I added a product with internal ID 402 and its number of available products on "8905 Highway 50" was 1362 on NetSuite Portal. But when I hit the following API, It said the product is "Not in Stock"