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user964802 asked XML/DTD JDBC path (2 hours ago)
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user8860348 replied (in response to Timo Hahn) Re: How to deploy a project from JDeveloper to PeopleSoft Weblogic... (34 minutes ago)
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Lou Patrick replied (in response to b13990) Re: EML Question - Email Group (3 hours ago)

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rp0428 replied (in response to user5692623) Re: parallel_min_time_threshold 12c pdb (35 minutes ago)
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T-34 replied (in response to Francois Desfosses) Re: yum broken (4 hours ago)
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mathguy-ro replied (in response to rp0428) Re: Need help on materialized view creation (1 hour ago)
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Alex1 asked Dynamic calc on a member (8 hours ago)

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Andreas Weiden replied (in response to Kalpataru) Re: Oracle forms migration 4.5 to 6i (8 hours ago)
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Gor_Mahia replied (in response to Mahmoud_Rabie) Re: why Angular with Apex 5? (3 hours ago)
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user11169028 asked how does node affinity work for RMAN during backups ? (13 hours ago)

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Aurelian asked make a jframe on top of a screen and other os windows to maximize below it. (14 hours ago)
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Bashar. replied (in response to 2688200) Re: Testing needed or not on EBS R12.1.2 .... when only OS upgrade from RHEL ... (13 hours ago)
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Sohil Bhavsar asked Error occurred while installing ords. with APEX 4.2.2 (15 hours ago)
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Bashar. replied (in response to Reddy007) Re: Purge Programs? (13 hours ago)
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EdStevens replied (in response to NipuBD) Re: Security about DMP file. (12 hours ago)