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  • Hi @Gaurav_NS , @Dominica Sevilla-Oracle & @Micah Timbol-Oracle Firstly, thanks very much for your assistance here. I noticed that the Purchase order that was memorized was actually a copy of one of my original purchase orders. Let's call the copy "PO_C" and the original "PO_O". So, NetSuite memorized PO_O and made a copy…
  • Hi @Micah Timbol-Oracle Thanks very much for your assistance, that's the best answer. It worked a charm and helped me solve the issue. Kind Regards, Faizan
  • Hi @Elychelle Gulen-Oracle Thanks very much for your reply. It helped. However, one question please, after we do those steps you mentioned, we should also do an Inventory adjustment for the inventory right? Also, we don't use vendor returns. am I right? Thanks very much.