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  • Hi @Niks Blando-Oracle , Thanks for the reply. In the Sales Order, the system will automatically update the item master "Purchase Price" in the PO rate column for the drop ship items. According to my understanding, "Purchase Price" is mandatory for the drop-ship items. Without the "Purchase Price" system won't allow to…
  • Hi @Niks Blando-Oracle , Thanks for the reply. Please refer SuiteAnswers 49477 and 31600 to enable the PO Rate in the sales order line level. Yes, i need to populate the quote "EST. UNIT COST" value to the sales order "PO Rate" column. Thank you
  • I found the way to view this report week by week. For this 1. Navigate to set preferences. 2. In the "Analytics" tab, change the "Report By Period" dropdown to "Never" and save it. 3. Open the report and change the column dropdown value to Week and refresh the report.
  • Hi @Clarisa, Thanks for your reply. I have checked this with the finance department, they have confirmed that the Revenue Arrangement status is completed and journals have been created for the total amount. The question is why still this error message is displaying and what are the steps they need to follow to remove this…