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  • To add on to this, I'm being told by support that I'm not allowed to update the bundle to the latest version.
  • CREATING YOUR OWN PRINT BOOKLIST PRINTOUT With the Campus Store and website update in Spring 2021, a "Print Booklist" feature was added to the website. It offers students an easy and more elegant way to get a printed list of their course materials. The feature looks like this. Configuration An xml template must be set at…
  • Is the ability to put a thread nested under Course Materials not an option? Creating a top level discussion about how to handle Nebraska ceasing operations seems like overkill, but throwing it into all things course materials seems like it'll lose relevance pretty quickly. A conversation about Nebraska and how to make…
  • TEXTBOOK IMAGES ON WEBSITE Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you how we've managed to get product images on the website if you haven't figured out a way to do so yet. You'll need three things A source for images. We have a partner who we provide ISBNS to and gives us an image url, but Abe Books and I'm sure some others…