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  • Good morning, Thank you for your assistance as I've found someone within the organization that will be able to educate me on fields and reporting more. Your questions help her assist. This is resolved, thank you for your help and direction. This newbie has appreciate this community. Veronica
  • These fields are already listed in my report: I did not use a Vendor Bill form for this report. As I was not able to get to the Object, Dept, Fund and Activity to list. I was listing only the Dept and the Accounts Payable clearing house account. Veronica
  • This is what I created the issue is that this invoice needed to be processed for payment. That is not the goal of the report, the goal of report is to see what we entered on the invoice is the correct object, department, fund and activity. Everything you see on the bill enter: My report, this will only list after I process…
  • Thank you for your response the image where from our test site but that okay understand. I'm new to this system so may not have all the answer you are looking for or may not be correct. 1. What are the steps to reproduce your Report? I used another employees report she had started. 2. Are you using a standard Vendor Bill…