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Attention: Customers with NetSuite Electronic Bank Payment (EBP) SuiteApp, version 2020.2 QA (ID 315896) must UPDATE (do NOT uninstall) their bundle to the Production version 2022.1 (ID 416781) by December 31, 2022. Note: If users fail to manually update the Electronic Bank Payments SuiteApp within the given time window, this version of the SuiteApp (ID: 315896) will be deprecated and the account will not be updated to Leading version (2022.1) of the Electronic Bank Payments SuiteApp. Please refer to the campaign email sent to impacted customers for more information.
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  • Actually, I may have just answered my own question - sorry, I've been researching for a couple of days, and of course as soon as I submit a question I find something. :) Using this body with the /query/v1/suiteql endpoint seems to work: { "q": "SELECT * FROM customrecord110 WHERE custrecord_ams_gpcode = '306-20-4700' }…
  • Hello, so sorry for the delay on this. The endpoint I'm using that returns the list of journal entries is: https://[accountID] The endpoint I'm using to return a specific journal by ID, which is where the expandSubResources parameter works, is:…
  • Of course as soon as I posted this, I finally had a breakthrough after weeks and weeks. I was able to get the example at working by adjusting the order of the parameters in GenerateBase based on this post:…