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  • Hello, Does anyone have additional thoughts on this question? I'm still trying to find the answer... @Micah Timbol-Oracle @Emilia Ironov-Oracle @Shamaine Chan-Oracle Thanks! Mikail
  • Hello, I just wanted to update the community that this feature does exist in NetSuite! Please read below if you are looking for a solution to applying a lump sum payment to many invoices via CSV import. You simply need to create your own External ID(s) for the payment record(s). Each invoice line will have the same payment…
  • Hello, It just doesn't make any sense... that's not how customers make payments. If I have a customer that has 1,000 orders each month, that is 1,000 invoices. Would you really expect the customer to write 1,000 separate checks?? Of course not, this is real life. This payment import feature is available in QuickBooks…
  • Support has already went through a restructuring of our NetSuite environment and there was not a noticeable difference in performance; this is why I am reaching out to the community, hoping someone has used a separate third-party application to pull in data from NetSuite and could comment on the performance of this method.