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  • Could be feasible with a script, but that script would likely have to exist on every record type and anywhere else they go. Would need to execute on View. It could send out a beacon each time it is triggered, simply updating a given record or creating a new record (and I'd scrub/delete those records on a rolling week,…
  • If it exists, I'm not aware of it. I'm sure it doesn't. I'm also certain the user will not get kicked out just for a role add, remove or permission change. My experience is role and permission changes aren't realized until the user logs in again. The log out isn't necessary, I believe.
  • Ouch! Just saw this thread from 6 years ago. I need to merge employees because our finance group has created multiple sets of duplicates over the past 8 years and pointed JEs to them. Some JE's can be modified with no G/L impact to allow me to point to the dominant employee record, but there are many that can't be…