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  • @Vernita: The place of the </#if> is wrong, so the whole #if block is currently redundant. But also I disagree with the use of ?has_content, because this will evaluate as true if a checkbox has been marked as unchecked ('F') instead of being truly empty, i.e. it can give you a false positive. When you create a new field…
  • Checkboxes in Suitescript take values of 'T' (=Yes) and 'F' (=No), so you will need but in Freemarker it seems they are parsed to true and false. Please use: <#if transaction.item.custitem_discontinued == true> For comparisons you should use double equals ==
  • I guess best practice would be to make two check boxes as custom body fields on your transaction ("Contains back ordered items", "Contains discontinued items") and have them filled by a script or workflow depending on the contents of the transaction when it is saved. That is because in Freemarker you can only build up the…
  • Yeah, the only items that are not part of a subtotal are those at the end of the order after the last subtotal. You cannot have items inbetween two subtotals that are not part of either. Quick SS1.0 draft below. Not tested, you might need to exclude some other "special" item types if you are using them. Change…
  • This would be quite straightforward to create as a user event script (before submit). Loop backwards through the list of items; when you find a subtotal item keep looping backwards from there and set your "Is subtotalled" checkbox to 'T' for all non-subtotal items.
  • From the screenshots it looks like you're using the Inventory Status feature. Maybe you can resolve the issue by assigning an Inventory Status of "Good" to those 2000 liters to make them available by using the Transactions > Inventory > Inventory Status Change page as explained here:…
  • @Katerina Winklerova-Oracle: Actually there's a field for that called "Main Line Name" that you can select in the search result columns. This will display the vendor name on all lines even when filtered to main line = false.
  • You could make that work by using Custom Records to represent each row / overtime entry and making the employee a parent field of that custom record. Check out SuiteAnswers 38231 for an example. Just change customer to employee and add additional fields as required instead of "Custom Information" in the example.
  • I assume you're trying to use the ?number built-in? You forgot to include a screenshot. You can find some of the reasons why you might get an error in the documentation:
  • Terms are not on the Billing tab but on Main, in the Primary Information section.
  • I've also contacted support about this in the past. Would be so much better if it would at least default to the transaction number (when there is one) instead of the strange thing we have now (uses some hidden field called dbstrantype according to the XML view), i.e. COALESCE({tranid}, {dbstrantype}||'_'||{internalid})
  • I think the easiest workaround through scripting would be to set the rate field to amount / quantity. Or better yet to add that into the customization you are using.
  • Adding the permission is not enough to show it on your customers' dashboard. You have to go to Customization - Centers and Tabs - Center Links: Add a descriptive label (e.g. "Your Equipment") and copy the URL of the page you want your customers to see; this can be either the default list for your Custom Record or a Saved…
  • Very useful feature, I am using this regularly. Your note is definitely important and this part is a bit frustrating, because it involves a lot of trial and error. There are some fields which you can only find in the XML view and which aren't documented anywhere. But that doesn't always mean that you cannot use them. For…
  • That's a good start. Many scripts don't create logs, or only when there is an error, so I'm afraid you'd have to look into those scripts and workflows to check what they are doing. That is, unless somebody else has a better idea what could be the problem.
  • Hello Shunta-san, I cannot reproduce that on our account. Amount and gross amount are re-calculated when I change the quantity as soon as the focus moves out of the quantity field, e.g. by hitting tab or enter, or by clicking on a new line. Works that way both when entering a new vendor bill credit and when editing an…
  • @Carissa: Could it be that you are using Packing Slips (printed from Item Fulfillment) instead of Picking Tickets (printed from Sales Order) for your warehouse? Otherwise I can't reproduce what you're describing. If yes and you don't want to change to Picking Tickets for some reason, you could try using the field with id…
  • In the Results tab, add a column and choose Applied To Transaction Fields... → Document Number That will give you the numbers only, without transaction type & link:
  • @Mikko De La Fuente-Oracle : shipphone is a standard field, but undocumented. I guess it is a shorthand for shipaddress.addrphone. Maybe it is not available for setting directly, I have not tried this myself. But you can look at it by pulling up a sales order and adding &xml=T to the browser address, or by creating a saved…
  • What's the value of phone_number? Maybe that is causing the problem. The field validates for a minimum length of 7 characters. Otherwise, posting the relevant parts of your code would help. Since you're not mentioning any errors, I take it the script is being executed, but the field value remains unchanged, right?
  • The easiest would be to use the indexOf function which is meant for normal strings instead of search which is for regular expressions: if(Tags[i].indexOf('+') != -1) To use search() and escape + you should provide a regular expression, not a string. Then escaping the + character should work as expected:…
  • We've had exactly the same issue a couple of times already, only workaround I've found is pretty involved: warehouse deletes the associated pick task within the wave if already picked, need to change picked quantity back to 0 & reset status to ready first change the quantity of the item that is to be deleted to 0 on the SO…
  • Setup -> Sales -> CRM Lists In the filters, change type to Lead Source. Click New
  • Assuming that the complex formula you're currently putting in those 3 locations is identical, you should be able to simplify it to only 1 like below: GREATEST(0, CASE WHEN {type} IN ('Invoice','Cash Sale') THEN 1 WHEN {type} IN ('Credit Memo','Cash Refund') THEN -1 END * ([complex formula here])) Edit: On second thought,…
  • That's CSS styling so it requires an Advanced PDF/HTML Template. It is applied by the class="even" and class="odd" attributes. The styling itself is stored in a CSS file which I link to in the <head> of all our templates. Sorry I hadn't read properly through the entire thread and somehow thought you were looking for an…
  • Did you try that for both transactions or only for Sales Orders? I'm asking because this field exists ONLY for Item Fulfillments (as far as I could find), it does not exist for Sales Orders. For other transactions (e.g. Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice) I'm using the below code in our templates which works by checking for…
  • We had the same requirement, I made an Advanced PDF/HTML Template for it that comes out like this: Components are indented and have an icon to mark more clearly. It keeps the same line background colour for the kit and its contained components, whereas normal items have banded rows with a different colour for each item.…
  • Have you checked if the leading zeros are really missing from the .csv file by opening it in Notepad / some text editor? I ask because Excel will often remove such zeros by converting the text to a number when you open a CSV, at least if you don't specify the column's formatting as text (using the Data -> From Text/CSV…
  • Thanks, I hadn't tried that, getContact() works like a charm. Didn't know about that function, because it's not listed in the documentation for nlobjContext (SuiteAnswers 10261). Would be good to add, so others don't have to search around as long as me.
  • Hello Mikko, thanks for the reply. I've cast my vote, but sad to hear that's the only thing I can do now. From my experience for such low priority enhancements nothing gets changed for years, i.e. probably never. Judging from the number this one is a few years old already. If anybody has an alternative workaround that…