Oracle Content Marketing: Smart Start Assistant

Version 11

    Thanks to the Oracle Content Marketing: Smart Start Assistant, you will have all the support and guidance you need to successfully implement the Oracle Content Marketing platform and deploy a pilot project within the first two months.


    Consider this course your super-hero sidekick as you venture through the various stages of implementation, from the strategy stage where you document a content marketing strategy and prioritize a pilot project, to the configuration, production, measurement and expansion stages where you have opportunities to further explore specific features and define important tactics and processes. By the end of this course, you will have successfully implemented and adopted the Oracle Content Marketing platform and will be prepared to deploy a pilot project that is sure to propel your team to mythical status within your organization.


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    This 60-minute OnDemand Course is designed so that each module accompanies particular courses and stages of implementation and will enable you to:

    • Document a content marketing strategy
    • Prioritize a pilot project
    • Understand the intention and best practice application of specific features
    • Define important processes and choose a default publisher
    • Determine KPIs for measurement of content performance and production


    To help you plan your first two months, check out the Smart Start Calendar, attached below. And, if you need to move a few things around, the source file is attached as well! Some people like to pace learning so that they can still get their day job done, others might want to knock it all out at once, so make sure to schedule things in a way that best fits with your goals.


    To hear some feedback from someone who has completed this course and the Smart Start, check out this interview.


    To learn more about this training, download the attached Abstract. If you have any thoughts or feedback regarding the training, please leave comments or suggestions below.




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