Oracle DMP: Fundamentals

Version 15

    Modern marketers often face three primary challenges when making data-based decisions:

    1. The volume of their data is too great, making it cumbersome to work with
    2. The data collection is fragmented across multiple sources, and
    3. The activation of said data is difficult when the data is not unified


    Oracle DMP (BlueKai) addresses these issues by collecting and categorizing customer data from multiple sources under one platform. Furthermore, it allows clients to access the world’s largest third-party data marketplace, the Oracle Audience Data Marketplace. Oracle DMP clients can use this data to build better target audiences, identify relevant channels, and generate richer content to run effective, personalized marketing campaigns. Finally, clients can use analytics tools to gain insights to optimize current and future audiences and campaigns.



    This OnDemand Course is intended to introduce Oracle DMP to a new user. We examine how you can use the Oracle DMP to target the right customer, at the right time, on the right channel, with the right message.


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