Oracle Responsys: Essentials

Version 16

    Whether you’re a brand new Oracle Responsys user, or just looking to brush up on the basics, the Oracle Responsys Essentials course series is great to help you get started. These courses teach you how to navigate and use the different functional areas of the Oracle Responsys platform, and include best practice tips along the way. This series is designed for campaign producers and marketing team members but is suggested for anyone interested in learning how Responsys works from the ground up. Depending on your subscription access, you may take this course series as a Live Virtual Class (LVC) with an instructor, or consume the courses OnDemand.  This class is also offered on-site as a private event, which is recommended for new Responsys clients.


    The Live Virtual training materials include the latest 19C release features. OnDemand courses may be a version or 2 behind the latest release due to production time lines.  Reviewing the Release Feature videos for OnDemand bridges release version gaps.



    The Oracle Responsys Essentials course series includes the following topics, which are recommended in the prescribed order below:

    1. B2C: Essentials of Navigation
    2. B2C: Essentials of Data Sources
    3. B2C: Essentials of Audience Designer
    4. B2C: Essentials of Segment Groups
    5. B2C: Essentials of Managing Content
    6. B2C: Introduction to RPL for Marketers
    7. B2C: Essentials of a Basic Email Campaign
    8. B2C: Essentials of Dynamic Campaigns
    9. B2C: Essentials of Program
    10. B2C: Reporting with Interactive Dashboards




    Download the attached abstracts for details on what is included in the Essential Series.


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