December 2016/January 2017: Overview of Learning Portal Updates

Version 9

    The Academy's next learning portal update, scheduled for late December 2016, will present a new dashboard display and takes advantage of new system features to improve our students' training experience. While the steps for many functions in the learning portal will remain generally the same (i.e. enrollments, launching exams, survey completion), the location and view of these functions will change.


    Read on to understand what you need to know about the upcoming changes and how they might affect your use of the portal. Log in to the learning portal at to see the updates and plan your next training session!


    Home Page Display


    The commands and icons used on the home page display will be intuitive for most users familiar with cloud technology. For descriptions of Academy terms and icons used in the learning portal, reference this post for images and definitions.


    1) Where do I find my assigned training?

    When you login to the portal, you'll find your available training in the top bar under 'Assigned.' By clicking this area, you'll see the assigned learning plans that are provided with your training purchase (these are the learning plans previously listed under My Training in the prior portal view).


    Note that this area is a list of your available training and the requirements for accreditation, if applicable. In addition, WBT courses should be launched and viewed from your assigne learning plan lists.


    assigned 1-24-17.JPG



    Assigned Training in the new portal view replaces 'My Training' View (older view below for reference)


    My training2.jpg


    New Home Page Display


    portal home page 1-24-17.JPG


    2) How do I enroll for instructor-led courses?

    The steps to enroll for instructor-led courses remain the same. However, the look and location of the Training Schedule has changed. Click Training Schedule on the home page and then search by product or search by entering the name of the course you're interested in. Follow the prompts to enroll and once enrolled, you'll receive confirmation details via email.


    3) What's included on the Achievements page?

    The new Achievements page will show your training progress and completions of 'skills' needed toward your training goals, regardless of the format you've taken the course in (i.e. instructor- led or onDemand). This page can help you to keep track of where you are in the process of becoming accredited, if that is your goal. The page will also show your earned accreditation titles and dates earned.


    4) What information is included in the Learning Library?

    Student guides for all instructor-led courses are available in the Learning Library. These can be found and downloaded directly from the home page. Note that student guides are not specifically created for onDemand courses, as the content in these courses can be viewed at any time. Also now in the Learning Library is supplementary course materials for some products and our QuickCast videos.


    Popup Instructions/Training Tips


    To help users in this transition, one helpful feature that will be added in the transition is the use of 'popup instructions' or tips in various areas in the portal. Look for these notes after the new portal interface is launched for quick and easy information and definitions.


    Left Drop-down Menu


    Dec2016 drop down2.jpg1) Where can I find the information previously located in the home page buttons? (i.e. Exams, Surveys, Enrollments)

    Many portal features (buttons) have been moved to a drop-down menu located in the top left of the home page. Most users will be familiar with the image that represents this menu. Here's what you'll find in the 'hamburger' menu:


    drop down 1-24-17.JPG



    • Announcements. See the latest news from the Academy about upcoming program information and portal changes related to your training access and management.
    • Inbox. Any system-generated message sent to your email address on file (your username), including course confirmations and course reminders, will also be copied to the inbox in your learning portal account. This ensures that all customers have access to important training information, even if spam filters or company restrictions prevent Help Desk messages from reaching a user.
    • Enrollments. View all upcoming course that you've enrolled in.
    • History. See a list of all the Academy training and exams you've taken over the past 12 months.
    • Surveys. Click here to view required surveys after taking an instructor-led course. These surveys are provided 24 hours after the end of a course.
    • Exams. View exams assigned to you; launch and take exams directly in the portal when released for the new calendar year.
    • Schedule. An additional option to access the current training schedule.
    • Commmunity. Go directly to the Academy's Topliners group page to log in to your account or view important training program information.


    The new portal display and functionality is another step in our continuous improvement of the portal and learning experience. We understand, though, that some users prefer a gradual change when it comes to managing training. For a short time, users will have the ability to use the new interface or switch back to the older view (until the end of January). You'll find this option in the left drop-down menu by scrolling down to 'Old View.'


    Please reach out to the Help Desk, with any questions about the new learning portal display or functions.